Adventures in Portlandia!

This past President's Day weekend was spent in Portlandia for my Partner in Crime's Bachelorette Trip! Can't believe she's getting married in less than 2 months! Scroll through to see how we explored this hipster city! :)

First stop: The Waffle Window! This place was probably my favorite eatery!

One savory and one sweet waffle!

Second stop: Salt and Straw for ice cream!

Stumptown coffee ice cream with their homemade waffle cone--YUM!

Third stop: Pok Pok for some Thai food!

Literally, chicken wings..haha


Fourth stop: At this point we were so full, we decided to explore downtown and ended up at Powells Books--love this place! Here's the bride-to-be doing some reading on..dogs?? haha

Here's a bridesmaid...not reading at all!

And me..reading about the best american essays! puahaha

Fifth stop: Boxer Ramen-- the spicy miso ramen was so delicious, along with the okonomiyaki tots!

Sixth stop: After dinner, we did some shopping and spotted this nice view of Portlandia!

First stop: Our second day began at Mother's Bistro and Bar for some yummy breakfast! Aren't the chandeliers so pretty?? 


Second stop: Stumptown Coffee where the hipsters go!

Third stop: I don't have a photo of this, but we went to church after Stumptown! It was exciting because it was a diverse church--worship was definitely soulful! haha

Fourth stop: Blue Star Donuts! Can't leave Portland without a donut experience!

Spot on.

Fifth stop: Multnomah Falls!

I made these matching iron-on hoodies for us! The back says TEAMBRIDEPC :)

Here's the bride sporting her hoodie! Front says BRIDE in glittery silver!

Bride and her MOH :)

Sixth stop: After hiking 1 mile to the top of the waterfall and back, we went back to our hotel to change and get ready for dinner at The Picnic House! Cool thing about this place--they normally do not open on Sundays, except for the Sunday we were there. Since this information was not publicized, the only customers were us and another table! It was completely empty, where otherwise it would have been super packed, and we received excellent service!

Overall,  I had a fun time in Portland and would go again in a heartbeat! #teambridepc :)