Indoor Venue Fun

One of my favorite parts of wedding planning is being able to see all the cool and pretty venues out there! :) I'm currently planning a wedding for next summer, and the couple has requested an indoor venue. Personally, I love outdoor weddings, so I thought the venue hunt wouldn't be interesting, but to my surprise, I have found a new found love for indoor venues! The good thing about indoor venues is that there's more flexibility to decorate the space to your liking! Also, weather conditions would never be an issue! Many indoor venues are empty spaces with so much potential! Here are a few:

The Crush Room on Treasure Island


The Vista SF on Treasure Island

San Jose Museum of Art

San Francisco Film Centre

Love this blue bench at the Allied Arts Guild in Menlo Park!


This isn't a venue, but I really like this random plant wall! :)

Another random photo...haha, but these bright food colors are so pretty! I snacked on these while others were shucking and slurping up oysters! Bread & cheese > Oysters!

At the Elizabeth Gamble Garden in Palo Alto! :)